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Volvo FMX Classic

A construction giant

Our toughest, strongest, most robust truck. Capable of transporting large loads in rough conditions without getting bogged down. And a secure and comfortable workplace for drivers – ensuring productivity and safety.

The Volvo FMX Classic is ready for anything. It’s built for challenging jobs in challenging environments, and prepped with features to suit. And a range of services keeps it running – and working.

Exterior design

The Volvo FMX Classic is robust. And it looks it. The front is solid and seriously strong. It’s also smart. We used materials that can take a pounding, and designed panels you can replace yourself. So you’ll spend less time in the workshop, and more at work.

Interior design

Nothing to distract you. Everything to help you get the job done. That’s the Volvo FMX Classic interior. Clean lines, clever instruments and a superbly designed seat. There’s also loads of room for your stuff. And a virtually dirt-proof colour we call raven.

Volvo FMX Classic highlights

Volvo Dynamic Steering

The most significant innovation since power steering. Our revolutionary system is now available for trucks with dual front axles.


The world’s most intelligent gearbox. Now stronger than ever. Easy to drive and packed with fuel-saving software. And, inspired by the world of motor racing, the Dual Clutch version: the first of its kind for heavy trucks. As simple as it is brilliant.

Tandem Axle Lift

Use the extra drive axle when you need it. And reduce your fuel consumption and turning radius when you don’t.

Driver Support Systems

Your safety is our priority. Our advanced driver support systems help reduce accidents.


A cruise control that plans ahead. Our latest addition to the I-Shift software is revolutionary, and it’ll save you up to 5% fuel.

Heavy-Duty bumper

Rough terrain or busy traffic? The heavyduty bumper will protect your new truck from scratches, dents and broken headlights.

Services that support your business

Volvo FMX Classic cab options



D11K330 (243 kW)  
Max power at 1600–1900 r/min 330 hp
Max torque at 950–1400 r/min 1600 Nm
D11K380 (280 kW)  
Max power at 1700–1800 r/min 380 hp
Max torque at 950–1400 r/min 1800 Nm
D11K430 (316 kW)  
Max power at 1700–1800 r/min 430 hp
Max torque at 1000–1400 r/min 2050 Nm
D11K460 (338 kW)  
Max power at 1700–1800 r/min 460 hp
Max torque at 1050–1400 r/min 2200 Nm
D13K420 (309 kW)  
Max power at 1400–1800 r/min 420 hp
Max torque at 860–1400 r/min 2100 Nm
D13K460 (338 kW)  
Max power at 1400–1800 r/min 460 hp
Max torque at 900–1400 r/min 2300 Nm
D13K500 (368 kW)  
Max power at 1400–1800 r/min 500 hp
Max torque at 980–1270 r/min 2500 Nm
D13K540 (397 KW)  
Max power at 1450–1800 r/min 540 hp
Max torque at 1000–1460 r/min 2600 Nm

For more details, look at the specifications for the new Volvo FMX. They are very similar, but not identical. For full specifications on the Volvo FMX Classic, please contact your dealer.

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