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Volvo FMX chassis grey sky


The Volvo FMX exists for one purpose – to be the best and most suitable truck for construction assignments. That's why we engineered the chassis and designed the air suspension to cope with the toughest working conditions on earth.


Volvo FMX chassis wheels sideview

The construction chassis 

Rear air-suspension minimises vibrations, revolutionising driving comfort and minimising truck wear and tear. On 6x6 models Automatic Traction Control gives you all-wheel drive traction when you need it - and improves fuel efficiency and manoeuvrability when you don’t

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The flexible chassis layout 

Volvo FMX chassis tractor layout

Tractor chassis

1. Battery box (BBOX-L)
300 millimetres further forward than previous design, offering 100–120 litres more fuel capacity.

2. Battery box (BBOX-EF)
Optional placement in the rear between the chassis frames.

3. AdBlue tank
50-litre tank can be mounted on top of frame, behind the cab, for more fuel capacity (ADTP-BC).

4. Air Production Modulator
Placement between the chassis frames creates more space for chassis-mounted equipment such as fuel tanks. Optional placement in the rear between the chassis frames.

Volvo FMX chassis tractor layout

Rigid chassis

1. Free frame space
Chassis packaging can be moved backwards to give space for crane legs or other equipment. (FAA10 – approx. 500 millimetres; FAA20 – approx. 600 millimetres).

2. Frame body builder hole row
The upper hole row is reserved for the body builder. All brackets have an offset and 8 millimetres spacer. No rivets are used.

3. Crane preparation
The chassis can be factory mounted with crane plates.

4. Rear air suspension and short rear end
A redesigned forward-mounted stabiliser bar has the ability to reduce rear overhang – beneficial for construction applications and, asphalt-layer interface and swap body applications.


The only way to really experience the Volvo FMX chassis is in action. Your local Volvo Trucks dealer has the keys.