I-Sync boosts productivity

I-Sync – automated simplicity

Our I-Sync transmission transforms city driving, with its frequent stops and starts. Drivers love the perfectly timed automated gear changes – no heavy clutch, no lever to wrestle. It also saves fuel, so operators love it too.

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Volvo FL cab - for high comfort and productivity

The perfect environment – to work and rest

From the moment you climb into the Volvo FL (using the optimised low entry step) to the moment you clock off, everything has been designed to make you more productive on the road. And more comfortable at the end of the day.

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A lighter engine means increased payloads

Half a tonne of extra load

The 4-cylinder Volvo FL is between 200 and 500kg lighter than the 6-cylinder version. Offering up to half a tone of extra load capacity, the 4-cylinder D5K engine dramatically improves your productivity and operating efficiency.

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Dynafleet maximises productivity

Dynafleet – maximise your productivity

Locations, loads and levels. Driver times. Emission reports. Fuel consumption. Dynafleet gives you real-time data on every truck you own – helping you maximise productivity and make more profitable decisions.

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Be more productive

Talk to your local Volvo Trucks dealer. They know exactly how to make you, and your business, as productive as possible.

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