Driving progress for a century

The first Volvo truck was born in 1928. Since then, we've grown to become the largest producer of heavy trucks in Europe. Today, we're committed to driving progress and shaping the future landscape of sustainable transports. Our foundation is our core values – quality, safety, and environmental care. We bring each one to life in everything we do.


Our commitment to quality is a continuous effort to go beyond the expected and leave nothing to chance. To deliver products and services you can rely on, with more uptime and an improved bottom line.

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Through endless safety innovations, we prevent traffic accidents and reduce injuries. Our vision is zero accidents, and we work tirelessly to ensure increased road safety for everyone.

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Environmental care

With a vision of going towards zero emissions, we're aiming for a more sustainable transportation industry. Taking the lead in electrification is one of our main endeavors.

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About Volvo Group

Volvo Trucks is part of Volvo Group with 102,000 employees, presence on 190 markets and production facilities in 18 countries.


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