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Volvo Service Planning

Breakdowns and urgent repairs cost you uptime and income. Proactive servicing and preventative maintenance save them. So it pays to plan. And the great news is, we’ll do it for you. A Volvo Service Plan is specially created for your truck and business. Your workshop visits are scheduled, standstills minimised, and uptime optimised. It’s also completely free.

Tailored to your truck

Tough operating conditions mean more wear and tear. Low mileage means less maintenance. So what’s right for one truck isn’t necessarily right for yours. By reviewing your needs, usage and business, we develop an individual service schedule that makes sure your truck gets the exact service it requires – no more, no less.

Service Planning – how we do it

Step 1: We input

Your free Service Planning session begins with entering your truck’s exact specifications, usage and annual mileage – as well as details about your operations – into our system. 

Step 2: We identify
After testing how various service intervals might affect your truck’s uptime, we determine the perfect level of maintenance.

Step 3: We plan
We use your data to create an individual service plan that sets out when your truck needs a service and exactly what needs attention, so you always know what to expect.

Step 4: We service

When a scheduled service is approaching, we contact you well in advance, to help simplify your fleet planning. 

Step 5: We fine tune
Each time your truck’s in the workshop, we review its needs and optimise your plan, so you always get the most from your truck or fleet.

Let’s plan together

Your Volvo Trucks dealer will arrange your free service plan – and answer any of your servicing questions.