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Volvo Connect gives you a complete overview of the most important information for your business, plus instant access to a range of industry-leading services, all conveniently gathered in one place with one secure login.

Volvo Connect is a truck fleet management system and your gateway to Volvo Trucks digital services. It gives you access to powerful tools that let you monitor vehicle performance, plan maintenance and boost productivity – all in one place. Whether you drive your own truck or manage an entire fleet, Volvo Connect provides the services and support to make your transport operation more profitable. Whenever, wherever.


Learn more about Volvo Connect services below. You can also visit Volvo Connect Marketplace or contact your local dealer for more information.

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Your uptime

Stay in control and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing your trucks are healthy and ready to work. Volvo Connect gives you access to a range of services that boost your uptime. Get a status overview of all your assets with warnings and alerts. See your full service history plus upcoming service visits. Easily report asset-related issues. And more.

Your productivity

Get information that empowers you and keeps you ahead of the competition. Volvo Connect includes fleet management services like Positioning, which gives you a real-time overview of every truck’s position and status – making it easy to keep track of your trucks and transport-related assets.

Your performance

See the big picture in detail for a more efficient, coordinated and productive operation. Volvo Connect gives you access to performance-boosting services like Fuel and Environment, which makes it easy to track fuel consumption over time. It also provides drivers with useful tips to improve their fuel-saving skills.

Supporting your entire operation

Volvo Connect is designed to empower you. Giving you access to industry-leading services when, where and how you need them. It’s that simple.


The clean and intuitive interface is easy to navigate. As soon as you log in, you’ll get an overview of the information and services most important to you. And you can see more detailed information with just a click or two. Flexible and customizable, Volvo Connect can be tailored to your needs and preferences. It’s all up to you.

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This is Volvo Connect

Customer portal

To access and unlock the full potential of the services provided by Volvo Connect, simply log in to the Volvo Connect portal. Users get role-based access. So, when you log in, the personalized dashboard provides a complete overview of the information and services most relevant to your specific role. This way everyone benefits – from truck owners and fleet managers to drivers, dispatchers, and administrators.



Easily accessed through Marketplace, the Digital Services Store presents digital services from both Volvo Trucks and selected partners. Over time you will be able to order and activate services from an ever-growing range – right here.

Developer portal

The Developer Portal helps ensure that Volvo Connect will continue to get better and better as we move into the future. Welcoming and enabling new, innovative services developed by selected specialist partners and others.

Grows with you

Develop your business with a dynamic interface that grows with you. Today, Volvo Connect gives you important services that help you more effectively run and develop your business. But this is just the start. You can look forward to new digital services down the road that keep your business on the leading edge.

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