Uptime is just a call away

Volvo Action Service

No matter where you are – or if it’s in the middle of the night – we are always ready to help you. Need assistance to stay on schedule? No worries! Our International Uptime Centre is just a call away.

What's included?

An international uptime centre

Our International Uptime Centre is always available to handle your case – from start to finish. You will be connected to one of our experienced Uptime Coordinators who speaks your language – as well as the language of the country you’re in. That way you don't risk having misunderstandings due to language difficulties while abroad.

Assistance 24/7

You can always count on the support of our Volvo Action Service team of experienced Uptime Coordinators, skilled technicians and the extensive Volvo Trucks dealer network. Together they’ll make sure to keep you on the road at all times. Knowing our products and service methods in-depth and using only Genuine Volvo Parts, our technicians also ensure that your Volvo stays a Volvo.

Towing & specialised repairs

If the vehicle can no longer be driven, our Uptime Coordinator will organise towing to the nearest suitable Volvo Trucks workshop. Besides repairing your Volvo truck, Volvo Action Service also supports you with tyre repairs, trailer repairs, tail lift repairs and cooling units.

Rental service

If your vehicle or trailer can't be repaired in time to meet your schedule, our Uptime Coordinators will help you find a rental solution.

Financial and legal assistance  

If you run into unexpected expenses, Volvo Action Service can arrange Emergency Financial Assistance. If you experience any difficulties with local authorities, our Uptime Coordinators can also provide legal support.

Travel and accommodation assistance

If you find yourself in need of assistance when it comes to scheduling travel and accommodation requests, Volvo Action Service is ready to help.

How does it work?

1. Call us – or press the button

Look up the phone number for Volvo Action Service on the back of this folder – or simply press the VAS On Call button located next to the steering wheel in your Volvo FH, Volvo FH16 or Volvo FM (2012 or later). That way, help will be on its way even faster since the chassis ID, your current location and possible fault codes will be automatically sent to the Uptime Centre.

2. You reach our international uptime centre

You will be connected to one of our Uptime Co­ordi­­nators who speaks your language – as well as the language of the country you’re in. Our Uptime Coordinators will manage your case until it’s closed and will keep you informed about its progress along the way.

3. We arrange assistance

Our Uptime Coordinators will make sure a qualified service technician comes to help you. If assistance is not possible or allowed where you are located, a service appointment will be scheduled or towing will be arranged to the nearest suitable Volvo Trucks workshop.

4. Back on the road

You’ll be back on the road before you know it – with your financial control preserved. Our International Uptime Centre will always validate your assistance coverage and service contract before any action is taken. 

Volvo Action Service phone numbers

AT0800 29 89 64FI0800 11 32 02NL0800 022 52 41
BE0800 159 45GB0800 89 88 39PL00800 321 12 01
BY8 820 0321 0003**** 0800 92 92 92**PT800 80 50 32
CH0800 55 11 78GR00800 321 23 22RU8 800 333 7400
CZ0800 18 72 93HU06800 123 61 8 800 100 7799*****
DE0800 181 03 00IT800 87 83 56SE020 79 58 27
DK800 101 57IE1800 55 32 07TR00800 329 13 22
ES900 99 32 47 1800 70 92 92***OTHER+32 9 255 67 11******
 900 98 32 51*LU0800 2 2560  
FR0800 90 75 18NO800 114 06  

* Used only by Spanish and Portuguese customers in Spain.
** Used only by UK and Irish customers in the UK.
*** Used only by Irish and British customers in Ireland.
**** Can only be used from landlines, not mobile phones.
***** Used only by BY, KZ, RU and UA customers in Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine.
****** Not a toll-free number.

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