Volvo FH Aero. Aerodynamics for the long haul.

The Volvo FH Aero is the ideal long-haul truck. Its aerodynamic cab silhouette is designed to save you energy and reduce your carbon footprint. Choose between electric, gas-powered and diesel. This truck is streamlined to take you further every day.

    Volvo FH Aero

    Applications: Efficient long-haul transportation
    Power: 420–540 hp

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    Volvo FH Aero Electric

    Applications: Regional-haul and interregional-haul transport assignments
    Combination weight: 44 tonnes
    Power: up to 490 kW
    Range: up to 300 km

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    Volvo FH Aero gas-powered

    Applications: Long-haul and interregional-haul transport assignments
    Power: 420–500 hp
    Range: up to 1000 km

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Get to know the Volvo FH Aero

The aerodynamic design for effortless cruising at high speed and a clear view for the driver. Comfortable cabs with an integrated infotainment and audio experience. And the extra space of the Globetrotter XXL cab. Dig into the gallery below and discover what the Volvo FH Aero has to offer.

Camera Monitor System

The Camera Monitor System improves the aerodynamics of the truck to save energy. On top of that, it also opens up your visual field in both good and challenging conditions. Night vision helps the driver in dark conditions and the surveillance mode lets the driver see outside the truck even when the curtains are drawn.

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Infotainment and audio

The intuitive driver interface, the infotainment system and two different levels of audio system offer an integrated experience whether driving or resting. The speakers and power amplifier are designed for an audio experience on a new level.

Inside the Globetrotter XXL cab

With all the time you spend in the cab, you deserve the best. The Globetrotter XXL cab is built to maximize your life on the road. It offers more space and more comfort. And for the Volvo FH Aero, it does so with a preserved loading space due to special legal regulations for trucks with improved energy efficiency.

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Tailor your long-haul truck

A distinctive profile with an aerodynamic design to minimize your carbon footprint and cut your energy costs. Choose between electric, gas-powered and diesel powertrains. A wide range of choices and options for tractors and rigid truck chassis is available to let you tailor the Volvo FH Aero for your needs.

Fuel efficiency with I-Save

Volvo FH Aero with I-Save is the ideal solution to bring down fuel consumption in long-haul transportation. The heart of I-Save is the D13 engine with turbocompound technology, offering more torque at low engine revs. The results are a smoother, quieter drive and significantly reduced fuel consumption.

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Optimized for your routes with I-See

I-See optimizes speed, gear changes, coasting and engine stops for the actual route when you’re driving with the cruise control activated. It takes upcoming topography, curves, roundabouts and traffic info into real-time consideration. This means you can use I-See to save fuel as soon as you’re out on the road.

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Designed to save energy

Whether you choose electric, gas-powered or diesel, the Volvo FH Aero is designed from the ground up to save energy. The aerodynamic shape, the streamlined Camera Monitor System and the drag-free disc brakes are there to reduce costs and reduce your carbon footprint.

Technology that complements your driving

The Volvo FH Aero is made to make the most of your driving skills. We’ve built in technology aiming to make every gearshift and maneuver perfect. Take a closer look at some of the features in the image gallery.

Utilized engine power with I-Shift

I-Shift makes driving smooth, comfortable and efficient. You can focus on the road while I-Shift utilizes the engine power in the most optimal way. If you’re driving hilly routes, then take a closer look at the I-Shift Dual Clutch for gear changes without any interruption in delivery of power.

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Light and dynamic steering

Side winds, ruts or potholes? No worries. Volvo Dynamic Steering filters and compensates them all out to make your driving easier and even steadier, taking the strain off your shoulders. The system also enables some of the advanced driver support systems that help improve your safety.

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Cab options

The Volvo FH Aero comes with a range of cab models to suit your needs. Take a closer look at your choices below.

    Globetrotter XXL cab

    The Volvo FH Aero with the Globetrotter XXL cab offers excellent driving and living comfort for two people. The longer and wider lower bed is designed for superb sleeping comfort.

    Globetrotter XL cab

    The Volvo FH Aero with the Globetrotter XL cab size is the industry standard for the long haul. It offers convenient and spacious living for up to two people.

    Globetrotter cab

    The Volvo FH Aero with the Globetrotter cab combines excellent driving and living comfort for up to two people and standing height on the engine compartment.

    Sleeper cab

    The Volvo FH Aero with the sleeper cab combines excellent driving comfort and comfortable overnight accommodation for up to two people with a more limited standing height.

    Low sleeper cab

    The Volvo FH with the low sleeper cab offers a lower exterior cab height combined with excellent driving comfort, comfortable overnight accommodation for one and limited standing height.

Features depicted may not be standard or available for all equipment levels and powertrain options.

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