Volvo FH16 Aero. Efficient heavy transport.

The Volvo FH16 Aero is a truck for heavy transport, shaped and powered for extended productivity. The aerodynamic design, together with the powerful D17 engine, lets you boost your performance while saving fuel. A great driving experience is also part of the package.

Volvo FH16 Aero

Applications: Heavy transport assignments
Power: 600 hp, 700 hp or 780 hp

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Efficiency and comfort for your needs

Take a closer look at the aerodynamic truck design with the Camera Monitor System: reducing drag to save fuel while also improving the direct vision. Experience the comfort of the Globetrotter XXL cab. Explore the gallery below to really get to know the Volvo FH16 Aero.

Camera Monitor System

The Camera Monitor System improves aerodynamics to save you fuel. It also opens up your visual field in both good and challenging conditions. Night vision lights up the darkness and the surveillance mode lets you see what’s going on around the truck when parked.

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Infotainment and audio

A driver interface that’s easy to use, an infotainment system and an audio system available in two levels make the Volvo FH16 Aero a comfortable experience, whether you're driving or resting.

Globetrotter XXL cab comfort

The Volvo FH16 Aero is made to maximize your life on the road. Go all the way with the Globetrotter XXL cab. Even more space, more comfort, a bigger bed and more home comfort. All this, and your load capacity remains unaffected.

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Create your Volvo FH16 Aero

A powerful character with an aerodynamic design and drag-free disc brakes to minimize your carbon footprint and reduce your fuel costs. Tailor your Volvo FH16 Aero for heavy transport assignments.

Boost your productivity with adaptive cruise control

Keep an even speed to save fuel. Maintaining a high average speed will also boost your productivity. Adaptive cruise control adapts the speed to the vehicle ahead and works all the way from cruising at a full speed down to a full stop – and up to cruising speed again. Meaning that you can use it even more.

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Predict routes and save fuel with I-See

I-See knows your routes and optimizes speed, gear changes, coasting and engine stops to suit them. It takes upcoming topography, curves, roundabouts and traffic info into real-time consideration to save you fuel.

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Powered for performance and efficiency

The D17 is the most powerful engine ever put in a Volvo truck. But it’s the fuel efficiency and the high torque that makes the Volvo FH16 Aero the perfect match for demanding heavy transports with high average speed.

Up to 780 hp

The D17 is a 17-litre inline six-cylinder engine, with low weight and high efficiency. Choose between 600 hp, 700 hp and 780 hp. To reduce your CO2 footprint, all versions operate on either diesel or HVO.

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More efficiency and higher torque

The Volvo FH16 Aero engines all deliver more power, up to 3800 Nm of torque and more engine braking power at low engine speeds. This means you can tailor a smooth, powerful and efficient powertrain and potentially reduce your fuel costs.

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More power for better fuel efficiency

The powerful D17 powertrain is made to save you fuel when you pull heavy loads. How? The massive power and torque lets the engine work with less of a strain at lower revs, leading to fuel savings.

Full control over power and maneuvers

Use your power efficiently. I-Shift puts you in full control of the D17 power. And with Volvo Dynamic Steering, your next move is both easy and precise. Head into the image gallery below to find out more about these features.

Perfect gear changes with I-Shift

With I-Shift, every gear change is smooth and timed by the millisecond. It makes your driving comfortable and efficient. A choice of software packages lets you tailor your I-Shift for your heavy transport needs.

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Volvo Dynamic Steering: a steady hand

Maneuvering heavy loads at low speed, precise and controlled? Like a steady hand, Volvo Dynamic Steering is there to make your driving easier. It also offers interaction with your driver support systems.

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Cab options

We offer the Volvo FH16 Aero with a range of cabs to suit your needs. Take a closer look at the choices below.

    Globetrotter XXL cab

    The Volvo FH16 Aero with the Globetrotter XXL cab combines excellent driving and living comfort for two people. Superb sleeping comfort in the extended and wider lower bed.

    Globetrotter XL cab

    The Volvo FH16 Aero with the Globetrotter XL cab combines excellent driving and living comfort for two people with plenty of storage and space.

    Globetrotter cab

    The Volvo FH16 Aero with the Globetrotter cab combines excellent driving and living comfort for up to two people and standing height on the engine compartment.

    Sleeper cab

    The Volvo FH16 Aero with the sleeper cab offers excellent driving comfort and comfortable overnight accommodation for up to two people combined with limited standing height.

    Low sleeper cab

    The Volvo FH16 Aero with the low sleeper cab offers a lower exterior cab height combined with excellent driving comfort, comfortable overnight accommodation for one and limited standing height.

Features depicted may not be standard or available for all equipment levels and powertrain options.

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