25 places Volvo FH can call home

From snow and icy roads to heat and deserts. Through mountains and across the plains. Volvo FH is a truck that succeeds no matter what challenge or climate. Since 1993, Volvo FH has been a truck that meets the costumers' expectations. And 25 years later the Volvo FH keeps driving progress – and exceeding the expectations. Here are 25 different weather challenges that the Volvo FH can deal with. Do you have a favourite one to drive in?

25: Snow and icy roads can be hazardous. Volvo FH keeps you safe with features like Electronic Stability Program and Volvo Dynamic Steering.

24: When driving downhill, the Volvo Engine Brake provides excellent braking power. Even in rough conditions.

23: Fuel efficiency can be a difficult task in mountain terrain. With the Volvo I-See predictive cruise control you can reach even lower fuel consumption.

22: Great performance is required for steep climbs. Since the launch in 1993, Volvo FH has embodied excellent power in all topographies.

21: Volvo FH is not just a vehicle. It is a work- and livingspace. When driving long routes driver comfort is important. Since 1993 the Volvo FH has been built for the drivers. And through extensive testing with real drivers the cab has continued to evolve.

20: Precise steering is important wherever you are. On curvy roads Volvo Dynamic Steering gives the driver even better steering control – and reduces tension on back and neck.

19: Driving near the ocean or in heavy rain puts the paint job to test. The Volvo FH is painted with two layers of corrosion protectants, before the primer and the colour layers. Did you know that you can get the Volvo FH in over 650 different colours?

18: I-Shift with Crawler gears enables the Volvo FH to carry heavier loads. That makes it possible to say yes to even more jobs.

17: Not all roads are busy. To help the driver stay alert, Volvo FH has several systems that detect erratic behaviour and alerts when a break is needed.

16: Good visibility helps you on the road. The Volvo FH has increased the wind shield size over the years to create an even better workspace for the drivers.

15: Reducing fuel costs benefits the bottom line. With the Volvo driver development training program, the drivers get the knowledge and tools to further save money and reduce emissions.

14: Since the launch in 1993, Volvo FH has helped transporters reach good results. The truck is versatile and constructed to handle every possible job. All while having great fuel economy – reducing both cost and emissions.

13: Keeping the nature green is important for Volvo Trucks. With Volvo FH, the road to lower emissions is a journey that never stops. All while keeping the same performance level as the customers have come to expect.

12: Maintaining high average speed increases your efficiency and saves fuel. With new features and solutions, the Volvo FH is constantly evolving. The combination of excellent braking power and powertrain performance gives the Volvo FH a unique advantage.

11: Volvo FH has been crowned Truck of the Year three times. Some of the features the jury was impressed with the last time were the innovative cab and the high-tech driveline components.

10: To keep the driver safe, the Lane Keeping Support tracks road markings with a camera and alerts the driver if lane markers are unintentionally crossed.

9: Driving comfort is important. Specially on long routes. Through intensive testing with real drivers Volvo Trucks learnt what drivers value. That gave Volvo FH a head start when it was introduced. And still today – Volvo FH is the driver’s truck.

8: Active safety features have gradually been introduced with the Volvo FH. Collision Warning with Emergency Brake is one example. It combines radar and camera to identify vehicles in front of the truck.

7: Even when standing still Volvo FH keeps the driver safe and comfortable. One recent feature is the I-Park Cool. A climate system that gives the driver a good night’s sleep – regardless of outside weather changes.

6: The I-Shift Dual Clutch helps saving fuel while driving in hilly areas. The I-Shift Dual Clutch gives the truck quick, nimble gear changes which prevets the truck from losing engine speed.

5: Volvo FH has one of the most instantly recognizable headlights on the road. But they’re not just pretty – they make the truck visible for other road users. The design is inspired by ice and the Scandinavian winters. The high-intensity discharge bulbs in the headlamps are also easier on the eyes of drivers and other road users. 

4: Driving in hot and dusty climate is a challenge. But a challenge where the Volvo FH thrives. Before it was introduced in 1993 Volvo FH was tested extensively in hot climates such as Arizona, USA and Western Australia.

3: When the wind gets strong it can be rough to drive. Volvo Dynamic Steering balances the effect of strong side winds, reducing tension for the drivers.

2: When leaving and entering the truck it is important to feel safe. With Volvo FH you can have an Anti-Theft system with a 105-decibel alarm siren that helps keep you secure wherever you drive.

1: Who knows what the future holds. One thing you can count on is Volvo FH.