Volvo’s new trucks makes it easier for drivers to make the right decisions

The new heavy Volvo Trucks have been developed to maximise drivers’ opportunities to do their job effectively, safely and responsibly. All models – the Volvo FH, Volvo FH16, Volvo FM and Volvo FMX – have a new, flexible user interface with a digital instrument panel that gives the driver relevant information in each situation. In addition, the Volvo FM and FMX have new cabs that give the driver more space and improved direct visibility.
Volvo’s new trucks that make it easier for drivers
The whole instrument panel is designed to provide a good overview, allowing the driver to manage information intuitively and efficiently with less stress.

Skilled drivers who handle their vehicles, cargo and traffic situations safely and responsibly are an invaluable asset to any transport company. But there is tough competition to attract the best drivers. With this in mind, Volvo Trucks has invested in developing the driver environment and driver interface in the new generation of trucks to create a workplace that is as safe, functional and comfortable as possible.

“With our new trucks, we meet the needs of both drivers and haulage companies. By further developing classic Volvo characteristics such as ergonomics, comfort and safety and combining them with new innovative technology and design, we have made the driver environment even more attractive and productive,” says Peter Lindgren, Product Manager Cab at Volvo Trucks.

Easier to avoid costly mistakes
A new 12-inch fully digital main instrument gives the driver quick access to information that helps avoid costly mistakes. For instance, driver times are always displayed, making it easier to plan the driving and reducing the risk of violating regulations. Road sign identification is another practical function that helps alert the driver to speed limits, overtaking restrictions and road type. 

With four selectable views, each driver can easily customise the content and appearance of the main instrument display prior to departure. The Load view allows control of the load weight, gross vehicle weight and axle pressure per axle. For trucks with a navigation system, the Navigation view with easy-to-follow maps is the right choice. Those who want their instrument display to have a classic Volvo look can choose the Home view, while those preferring to see only essential information can choose the Focus view.

The main instrument display can be supplemented with an easy-to-navigate 9-inch side display for managing communication, infotainment and transport information.

Examples of functions:

Media player for audio experiences via radio, Bluetooth or USB.

Communications with the possibility of connecting two mobile phones. 

Assignment providing driver time support, driver coaching, remote tachograph reading and navigation.

Vehicle including parking climate, load indicator, tyre pressure monitoring and custom setting of Volvo Dynamic Steering.

Other features include My Apps for Android Auto, which mirrors apps from Android phones, and Driver Guide, a handbook offering driving tips and information tailored to each individual truck. The function is prepared for future updates and compatible with apps other than from Volvo Trucks, for instance from bodybuilders.

Up to eight cameras can easily be connected to the side display, and four camera views can be displayed simultaneously on the screen. The information in both displays can be presented in over 30 languages. The system is capable of storing multiple custom settings simultaneously. This is useful if the same truck is to be used by many different drivers, perhaps from different countries.

Better overview and less stress
The instrument functions are easily controlled via new, intuitively grouped steering wheel controls, as well as from the instrument panel and, in certain markets, by voice command. The side display functions can also be managed by touching the screen directly.

Trucks with more than one drive axle will have a new anti-spin control function to help the driver quickly and easily manage potentially risky traffic situations, both during on- and off-road driving. The driver simply needs to turn a lever to activate the differential locks. The increased traction is shown on the digital instrument display.

“The whole instrument panel is designed to provide a good overview, allowing the driver to manage information intuitively and efficiently with less stress. The instrument panel has a functional, robust design in durable material with stable cup holders, generous storage compartments and several USB charging ports,” says Peter Lindgren.

The gear selector for the Volvo I-Shift has a new design that is more practical and ergonomic, providing greater freedom of movement inside the cab. The gear changing programs have also been developed and now include economy, standard and performance.

New cabs offering more space and improved visibility for Volvo FM and Volvo FMX
The Volvo FM and Volvo FMX have new cabs with up to one cubic metre more interior volume than previously. This affords a more spacious feel, more working room and significantly improved direct visibility due to, among other things, a lowered door line. A low, wide entry with two footsteps with improved anti-slip properties and lighting facilitates operations on routes with frequent stops. During construction operations, for instance, it is not unusual for the driver to climb in and out of the cab up to 50 times per day.

As with the Volvo FH and Volvo FH16, the driver’s area now boasts a neck tilt function on the steering wheel for increased adjustment of the driving position. The lower bed in the sleeper cab is positioned higher than previously, making it more comfortable to sit on and creating additional storage space. The day cab also has a new 40-litre storage compartment with interior lighting.

New, more robust cab insulation helps shut out cold, heat and noise disturbance. A sensor-controlled climate unit with a carbon filter provides good air quality, even in challenging conditions.

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