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Manoeuvrability is of vital importance to drivers

Gets you out of a tight spot

Volvo FL manoeuvrability

City centres and urban environments are becoming tougher places for trucks. Drivers should consider safety, timing and efficiency, as well as their own delivery requirements. At every turn, bend and fork in the road. Fortunately, the Volvo FL comes equipped with features that let you get through the urban maze without any drama.

Move it

The manoeuvring capabilities of the Volvo FL help you negotiate even the toughest working day without breaking a sweat.

Volvo FL takes you through narrow streets in the city without any trouble
Volvo FL take you to previously inaccessible places in a smooth way

Tight spot? No pressure

A tight turning radius saves you constant reversing. The rear-view mirrors minimise blind spots. Intelligent I-Sync transmission makes perfect, timely gear changes. And advanced driving ergonomics take the strain out of your movements.

The right direction

Get behind the wheel. Visit your local Volvo Trucks dealer and experience the Volvo FL’s outstanding manoeuvrability for yourself.