Volvo Trucks



Unrivalled power and performance

Volvo FL engines

Four or six cylinders. 5.1 or 7.7 litres. Plenty of torque, lots of power and a fast response time. Our D5K or D8K engines are designed for the city – giving you maximum productivity and profitability, every working day. Offering synthetic diesel and biodiesel alternatives is part of our long-term ambition to move towards zero emissions.

Pick your horsepower

No matter which engine is in your Volvo FL, you’ll have the power you need: 210 or 240 hp for the D5K, 250 or 280 hp for the D8K. Combined with the Volvo FL’s excellent maneuverability and lightning-quick response, they’ll get you there quickly and efficiently.


The Volvo FL engine range

  Hp kW Torque
D5K210 210 154 800Nm
D5K240 240 177 900Nm
D8K250 250 184 950Nm
D8K280 280 206 1,050Nm


Feel the power

Visit your local Volvo Trucks dealer to test out our D5K and D8K engines, and get all your questions answered.