Volvo FL with four or six cylinder engine

Meet your engine

With its broad output range and impressive response, the Volvo D8K engine is ideal for inner city distribution. Smaller and lighter, the D5K is designed for gross weights between 10 and 16 tonnes. And is one of the strongest, most powerful four-cylinder engines on the market.

A wide and flat torque curve characterises the Volvo FL engine performance

A smooth ride, guaranteed

Quick acceleration. Easy low-speed handling. First-class power. The D5K and D8K engines produce a wider, flatter torque and a better response at low rpm. Maximum torque is 800 to 900 Nm for the D5K and 950 to 1,050 Nm for the D8K, significantly lessening the need for gear changing.

Pick your horsepower

No matter which engine is in your Volvo FL, you’ll have the power you need: 210 or 240 hp for the D5K, 250 or 280 hp for the D8K. Combined with the Volvo FL’s excellent maneuverability and lightning-quick response, they’ll get you there quickly and efficiently.

The Volvo FL engine range

  Hp kW Torque
D5K210 210 154 800Nm
D5K240 240 177 900Nm
D8K250 250 184 950Nm
D8K280 280 206 1,050Nm
Five litres engine for biodiesel as an option

Ready for biodiesel

All power levels for D5K and D8K engines are certified for syntetic diesel (HVO). There is a variant of our D5K 240 engine will run on pure biodiesel (B100) – certified for Euro 6. It’s the perfect option if you want to help the environment, and enjoy the incentives available in your market.

Power take-offs for your load-handling equipment

Power take-offs

Power your load-handling equipment. Power take-offs transfer power from the engine to separate attachments – like a crane or cement mixer. The Volvo FL offers a variety of power take-offs that can be tailored to your needs.

See our power take-off specifications
The Diesel Particle Filter

Controlled regeneration

Our D5K and D8K engines are equipped with a Diesel Particle Filter (DPF). It captures and processes the microscopic soot particles in engine exhausts during regeneration, leaving only a fine ash. The process is automatic, but when manual regeneration is needed – within an environmental zone for instance – you’ll be alerted well in time.

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Feel the power

Visit your local Volvo Trucks dealer to test out our D5K and D8K engines, and get all your questions answered.

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