It’s not just the unique design that counts. It’s all that’s hidden behind the surface that makes this truck stand out from the crowd.

A powerful driveline with I-Shift Dual Clutch as option. Fantastic safety features. The Volvo FH delivers world-class performance, no matter your assignment.

And yes, it’s now possible to choose the 2017 Volvo Ocean race limited edition. This is available as Volvo FH13 and Volvo FH16, on Globetrotter cab types and Globetrotter XL.

Come join the race!

Volvo FH Volvo Ocean Race edition exterior

From start to finish

This Volvo Ocean Race edition truck makes a big impression. The special cab colours of Shimmering gold and Cool breeze metallic are inspired by the locations where the 2017 race will start and finish.

From the misty sunset of Alicante, where competitors will first set sail. To the calm waters of The Hague, the race’s final destination.

The striping in satin chrome, black, and red reflect the dynamic atmosphere of sail racing. A truly unforgettable experience.

Volvo FH Volvo Ocean Race edition interior


The exclusive, luxurious truck interior is something to behold. The Dark Sky Lark perforated leather with Sea Blue accent leather. The floor mats with Volvo Ocean Race embroidery. The steering wheel and handrail with accent colour stitch lines.

Step in and see for yourself. 


Volvo Ocean Race Limited Edition 2017–2018 is available for:

  • Volvo FH Globetrotter and Globetrotter XL.
  • Volvo FH16 Globetrotter and Globetrotter XL.

Optional packages:

  • Safety package: Airbag on driver’s side, Lane Change Support, Driver Alert Support, Adaptive Cruise Control with automatic brake function, burglar alarm for the cab, lockable safety box, laminated side windows, remote control main switch, red seatbelts.
  • Performance package (only for Volvo FH): Engine: Volvo D13 500 hp or 540 hp, Volvo I-Shift Dual Clutch, retarder.
Volvo D13500 is an option for the Volvo FH Volvo Ocean Race edition


Yes, this truck is a beauty. However, the main event is how it performs.

Increased average speed and improved productivity is what the Volvo FH delivers. With maximised fuel economy. Helping your business to stay on course for the journey ahead.

The powertrain features a new enhanced engine and Volvo’s unique I-Shift.

The Race package is optional:

  • D13 500 hp or 540 hp engine with the new optimised turbocharger.
  • I-Shift Dual Clutch gearbox with seamless gear changing, delivering power without interruption.
  • Retarder.
  • Alu rims.
Volvo FH Volvo Ocean Race edition is availbale as tractor or rigid.


We take our role as industry leaders in traffic safety seriously. That’s why we’ve equipped our trucks with systems and technology that take safety to the next level.

The optional safety package contains traffic safety features such as:

  • Lane Change Support.
  • Driver Alert Support.
  • Adaptive Cruise Control with forward collision warning and emergency braking.
  • Airbag on driver side.
  • Red seat belts, passenger and driver seats.

The package also contains equipment for personal and truck protection:

Personal Protection Package – including alarm, laminated door glass, main switch, remote controlled main switch, and safe bellow bed.

Volvo FH16 is offered in the Volvo Ocean Race edition


When you’re really into heavy-duty, there’s the Volvo FH16. Up to 750 hp of power and a massive 3,500 Nm of torque. With an I-Shift gearbox – or even an I-Shift with crawler gears – you are perfectly prepared for heavy hauling in style, comfort and safety.

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