Innovation takes centre stage

Greensboro, North Carolina: Innovation takes the stage with the new Volvo VNR & VNL Series. Launched last year in North America, they have set a new performance standard in regional and long haulage to meet modern transport needs. They both offer advanced fuel efficiency, integrated connectivity and world-class comfort without compromising dependability. Every innovation has been filtered through the driver’s eyes. The new cab interiors, for example, were designed with input from about 2000 drivers. These are truly next generation trucks – revealed in distinctive, aerodynamic contours and bold exteriors. From safety to overall productivity, they are leading the way – because it matters when you have to go the extra mile.
New Volvo VNL series

The new Volvo VNR and VNL series offer advanced fuel efficiency, integrated connectivity and world-class comfort without compromising dependability.

At Volvo Trucks, we are committed to quality, safety and environmental care in everything we do. As a truly global leader, you could say that it’s our responsibility. But it’s more than that. It’s our passion. It inspires us to continuously innovate. Not for it’s own sake, but because it matters. It matters to truck drivers and owners the world over. It matters to the transport industry. Even to society as a whole as we take the lead in embracing and enabling sustainable development. And you help make it happen. At this very moment, Volvo trucks are performing every conceivable transport task, getting the job done, in all kinds of conditions, in more than 140 markets worldwide.

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