Iwona Blecharczyk wins the Volvo Trucking Adventure

After achieving her dream to become a professional truck driver and start her own company, Iwona Blecharczyk from Poland landed the opportunity of a lifetime – to make an epic road-trip through Scandinavia in her favorite truck: a Volvo FH!
Iwona Blecharczyk wins the Volvo Trucking Adventure

Iwona Blecharczyk is a hard-working woman, being both an owner-operator in the haulage business, while also managing her role as a successful social media influencer. She has been driving trucks for more than 11 years, both in the harsh winter climate of North America, as well as on the long winding roads throughout Europe. However, she didn’t have much experience driving in the country where her favorite truck comes from: Sweden.

A unique competition for truckers

When Volvo Trucks launched a digital competition for truck drivers, where one selected winner would get the chance to go on a once in a lifetime road-trip from Gothenburg to the North Cape, the most northern point of Europe, Iwona didn’t have to think twice. She sent in a video, and out of more than 2,000 drivers from all parts of the world, Iwona was picked as the winner.

“In the Volvo Trucking Adventure, we were looking for a driver with extensive truck driving experience, and an outgoing and adventurous personality. Since the adventure was going to be filmed and published on social media, an important criterion was also to be comfortable on camera. Iwona ticked all the boxes with her broad experience, positive and adventurous personality, and can-do mentality,” explains Lene Larsen, Project Manager, The Volvo Trucking Adventure.

In addition to Iwona Blecharczyk, the top 20 candidates from all over the world were invited to Volvo Trucks in Gothenburg for an exclusive event.

"We wanted to do something special for our driver community by giving them an opportunity to come and experience the homeland of Volvo Trucks. By putting truck drivers in the spotlight, we also want to draw attention to the important work they are doing every day," says Roger Alm, President, Volvo Trucks.

Image: Iwona Blecharczyk alongside the other top 20 truck drivers in the Volvo Trucking Adventure

“I’m impressed that Volvo Trucks stages a motivational event which attracts so many drivers from all over the world. When I learnt that I was the chosen one it was like the biggest honor ever, to be chosen by the brand that I love so much, I am extremely grateful for this opportunity,” says Iwona Blecharczyk.  

Life on the road

Since Iwona was in her early twenties, she has had a vision to become a truck driver and travel the world. After a couple of years as a professional driver within the heavy haulage segment, she decided to follow her dream, and started her own transport company – Imagination.

Exploring new countries, and meeting new people is what I enjoy the most about being a truck driver. I feel so fortunate to be able to live my dream

When asked if there are any downsides about being a truck driver she admits: “Well, one thing that can be a bit tricky when you are out on the road is to find good sanitary facilities! That can be a bit frustrating sometimes, especially for us female drivers I guess.”

Regarding her safety as a female truck driver, working, living, and spending nights on the road, Iwona explains: “I take some precautions like parking in safe places, trying not to draw too much attention to myself etc, but I’m never afraid.  Sometimes it can feel a little isolated maybe, being far away from family and friends. It would be nice to have some more female colleagues, I think! Today there are only around 3% female truck drivers in Europe. I would love to see more women driving trucks!”

A road-trip in three episodes

In September, Iwona started her journey from Gothenburg towards the North Cape. A trip of more than 2,000 km. A piece of cake for an experienced truck driver, but this drive was not quite like any other day at work. Watch the videos below to learn more about Iwona’s road-trip (the second and third video will be published in January 2023)!

Short about Iwona Blecharczyk:

  • Name: Iwona Blecharczyk
  • Origin: Poland
  • Drives: A black Volvo FH13 460 Turbo Compound called “Volvy”
  • Career until now: English teacher, truck driver and owner of transport company “Imagination Transport”, YouTuber, influencer
  • When not working: Hiking, I like to try new things

Short about the Volvo Trucking Adventure:

  • A global, digital competition for Volvo truck drivers, where drivers were encouraged to motivate what they love the most about trucking. 
  • One winner was chosen to go on a unique road trip in Scandinavia, behind the wheel of a top-of-the-line Volvo FH.
  • The route included stops to explore different trucks, meeting with new truckers, and experiencing Scandinavia.
  • The adventurous journey was filmed and is now accessible to follow on social media.
  • The top 20 candidates from all over the world were invited to a trucking event in Gothenburg.  Here they got to visit Volvo Trucks and test drive the brand-new range of trucks, meet with fellow drivers, and explore the extraordinary archipelago of the west coast of Sweden.

Volvo Trucking Adventure - This is Iwona’s journey  

Watch episode 1: An electrifying start

Watch episode 2: Swedish steel, Swedish trucks

Watch episode 3: Machines and nature

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