Driver Times

Get more from your driversʼ available work hours. Driver Times shows you which driver is best suited to a new assignment, which one should take a rest – and who should call it a day. With this information at your fingertips in Volvo Connect, you can increase your earnings using the same truck capacity. Driver Times also enables you to remotely download driver card and tachograph memory data directly to your office, streamlining compliance with EU legislation. 

Key benefits

Streamlines compliance with EU legislation.

Automated downloads of driver card and tachograph data.

View remaining driving and resting times.

Makes invoicing and payroll easier.

Receive alerts before violations occur.

Driver Times Support helps drivers comply.

Learn more about Driver Times below. You can also visit Volvo Connect Marketplace or contact your dealer for more information.

Comply with EU legislation on driving time and rest periods

Driver Times makes it easy to stay compliant with the road transport Working Time Directive and EU legislation on driving time and rest periods. The service shows drivers and transport planners the time remaining until a break or rest is required, and it provides notifications before an infringement occurs.

Remote tachograph downloads

Fast and efficient, Driver Times lets you download tachograph data from the office – no matter where the truck and driver are. This makes it easy to keep your records up to date. And makes 20-minute manual downloads a thing of the past.


Automatic daily remote tachograph downloads significantly reduces the fleets administration and risks of missing a download.

Quick access in the Volvo Connect App

Driver Times can also be accessed through the Volvo Connect App. This gives both fleet managers and drivers a quick and easy way to follow up on the driverʼs activities and see how much time remains in their workday.

Simple. Clear. And legally complaint

Driver time regulations, working hours, managing rest periods and more. Driver Times keeps an eye on all driver activities by displaying key information on screen and in the driver activity reports. Driver Times Support in the cab helps the driver to comply with the driving and resting times legislation.

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