Outside the cab

Working around the Volvo FE

When a big part of the workdays is spent outside the cab, you’d want a truck that offers a safe and efficient working environment around the truck. Take a closer look at some of the Volvo FE solutions that contribute to this.

The easy cab access

Regardless of cab version, the Volvo FE is really to enter and exit when you work around your truck. The more you do this during a shift – the more you’ll appreciate it.

Access to your gear

Fit your Volvo FE with two separate toolboxes to store load security straps and other equipment you need when working outside the cab. The smaller version is 55 litres in volume and the larger is 125 litres.

Power your equipment

Do you power your Volvo FE with electricity, gas or diesel? Regardless, there are power take-offs to choose from to transmit the power to your pumps, tipper, compactor, lift or whatever tools you need to do your job.

At your level

Choose air suspension if you need to adapt to different heights. The Electronic Control System (ECS) controls the air suspension levelling, via switches on the dashboard or a control box. Loading is easier and faster regardless.

Tailored for special applications

The chassis can be specially adapted for specific applications such as refuse transporters, tankers and cranes. Components like fuel and AdBlue tanks are repositioned in order to optimise the chassis.

Powertrain options

The air quality and noise level outside the cab makes a huge contribution to the working environment around the cab. The Volvo FE comes with powertrains that run on either silent electricity with zero tailpipe emissions, or gas with low emissions, or Euro 6 certified diesel power.

Volvo FE Powertrain

A perfect match for these transport segments

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