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A course designed for those who work in construction

Working in Construction

Off-road conditions. And a greater risk of accidents. There’s no driving challenge quite like a construction site. 

A course designed for those who work in construction

Construction is a specific business, which demands specific knowledge. The course is especially dedicated to the challenges the drivers meet on the construction site and when driving off-road.

Our 'Working in Construction' course deals with the driver’s influence on uptime and how to handle and maintain a construction truck in order to spare the vehicle and avoid damage. The course explains how to manage different loads as well as the safety and security aspects of the staff, cargo and truck. For example, driving on soft beddings with a high and moving center of gravity increases the risk for tipping over. By being aware of the risks and the physics, the drivers may avoid many unpleasant situations and potential accidents.

In this course drivers learn how to increase the their confidence in vehicle control, while maximizing the productivity.

Course material

  • How to maintain personal safety
  • Off-road driving techniques
  • Rollover risk
  • Off-road driving features on your vehicle

Course benefits

  • Avoiding downtime and minimising repair cost
  • Increasing driver security and working environment
  • Fewer accidents and less risk of injury
  • Reduced stress and fatigue
  • Increased confidence in vehicle control and driving performance 

Course details

  • CPC hours
  • Training method
  • Course Cost
  • Course reference

Drive confidently in construction

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